Call toll free 1-800-656-0563 We build memorials and mausoleums in any cemetery, anywhere. All estimates are free! Call for more information. 504-393-2026
Alfortish Memorials and Mausoleums
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Alfortish Memorials & Mausoleums
1100 Wright Avenue
Terrytown, LA 70056
Phone: 504-393-2026
We specialize in monument construction.

Alfortish Memorials & Mausoleums

We are the leading designer and builder of unique memorials and exclusive “New Orleans Style” mausoleums.


    We specialize in:

  • Mausoleums, tombs, and columbarium
  • Copings and “Seal-Forevers”
  • Memorials and vases
  • Statuary and special projects
  • Renovation work and jobs from start to finish


Our business originated and is operating in the mausoleum capital of the world.Alfortish Memorials and Mausoleums is the oldest, independent and family-owned business specializing in “New Orleans Style” mausoleums.We build memorials and mausoleums in any cemetery, anywhere.We offer five generations of experience. You have no obligations when you call, and all estimates are free. We are a family-owned and operated business and are very easy to work with.